1. Geronimo Minor
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Geronimo Minor

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Credits :

Violin: Emanuel Wynter
Bass: Clark Singleton
Drums: Aaron Schaifer-Heiss
Mixing Engineer, Piano: Nick Bullock
Mastering Engineer: Kim Rosen
Writers: Micah Cottingham; William Steven Hall
Guitar, Vocal: William Steven Hall
Mandolin, Vocal, Percussion: Micah Cottingham


Hold on darlin’
It’ll all be over soon
One lifetime’s not enough
To get to know you


You came walking swiftly
No trail, no trace to find
Heavy as hell and quiet as night

You found a scent to follow
A path to a new life
Wading and wading and wading
Through the dark side
The dark side

Tom thinks we’re free fallin’
But I’ve got reason to believe
That we’re all just callin’ out through the darkness
Beacons of lightness

So do you wanna come with me
Soaring at light speed

Geronimo (Geronimo)
Geronimo (Geronimo)
Geronimo (Geronimo)
Geronimo (Geronimo)

Hold on darlin’
It’ll all be over soon